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It is also often the 'forgotten land'. Forgotten by politicians and city folk alike. We are so far away from the decision making centre that they decide for us without consulting us. I think the Labour Government can't see much past Geppscross.That is until we find something they want like the gold, uranium and copper!
In the bush we even have to pay levies to sustain the desal water projects for the city when our own water is not even drinkable.
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January 6th 2012 Fires in the Flinders Ranges.
The Australian outback is a 'real time' educational unit. Nearly everyday we find something new and it sets us off on a journey of discovery. From amazing shield shrimps newly hatched in puddlles to an odd looking rock that speaks geological history. Along the way we also discover ourselves. Our strengths and weaknesses as nature hurls us from drought to flood and back again.

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Then there are the people. Like the rocks on the Gibber plains they've been weathered by the lands extremes. Hardened by heat and washed by flood, they end up a marvelous matrix of sweet and sour, opal and matrix.  They are like gold, they shine in adversity but have the same malleability that allows them to bend, rather than break.

They are interesting and often more informed of issues than many I have met in the suburbs.

I guess they have to be though as their life and livlelihood often depend on it.

In the Australian outback you have to educate yourself because there isn't really anyone else to do it for you.

It's not for everyone though, some don't seem to like being isolated and not having everything at their finger tips and sometimes no matter how much you do like the bush it can just get too hard to cope.

Need help coping with the tough times? go-to-  (Don't give up)
Global warming. Is pollution the only thing driving our climate? - from the Soapbox  Share your thought with us.
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It's a land of steep contradictions, hard like iron but often as fragile as chalk. It can break you and make you.  Read  Outback Stories

Fire in Flinders Ranges near Wilmington in January. Rains enbabled fire crews to bring it under control
The outback where a flood can be a social event not something to be whinged about.
Horrick's Pass  January 2012 fires
Flinders Ranges Fire - Smoke , taken from Port Augusta
Northern Edge of Wilmington Fire - from Red Hill Road 6/1/12
Australian Icon  - Kangaroo
Digital dot painting for kids