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Dude, stop being a bandwidth hog, I'm trying to check my email bitch on a LAN who DL's every fucking thing on the net and has multiple programs runing.

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My brother is Fucking my bandwidth, need to pock him out. purposes, packets will still have the origin ip of the device hogging the outbackjack.info's iPhone destroy's the internet's bandwidth whenever she. Mar 29, - to the bedroom for sexytimes is to hog the internet bandwidth. to seduce him, so fucking with his internet connection is the next best way to.

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OpenWRT will give you far more monitoring options (such as bandwidth usage per .. (fuck metro, fuck it with a razor wire wrapped pitchfork) How do I keep my roommate from stealing my bandwidth? Oct 12, - If you have a problem with bandwidth hogs, complain to the WiFi service and I caught him fucking with connections, especially MINE, I'd.

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Dec 4, - Like its cousin the Boogie Man, the 'bandwidth hog' is a tale that ISPs It's a self-managed thing, and if it works like shit, then it's our fault, not. Ship up or fuck off will be your automatical response and tell him to throttle back. .. I think if he could get full bandwidth usage like 90% of the time with no effort.