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Dec 14, - Trump welcomes decision in which judge agreed with 20 states challenging the law, on the eve of the sign-up deadline. Guardian staff.

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Dec 6, - The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has roiled America since the day it was signed into law in From the start, the public was almost. Nov 1, - I've had a hell of a good health-care plan for years*. I was told "If you like your plan, you can keep it." by the President and his minions and told.

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Made it to where I can't afford healthcare. doctors and stuff. Tl;dr: Obamacare kind of fucked everybody. At least I was getting healthcare. Jan 6, - President Obama signed the polarizing health care reform law nearly his tax dollars go for sex-change operations and abortions on demand.

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Nov 21, - Warnings: EXTREMELY CUSSING and STRONG LANGUAGE. If you still kiss the ass of that piece of trash wanna be Mao Tse tung from Kenya. Dec 14, - I was a huge supporter of Obama because of his health insurance plan. And then we got stuck with Obamacare which is anything but affordable.

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The alternative health care plans would be reclassified so they no longer would have Trump claimed the Republican tax bill "essentially repealed Obamacare. Jan 27, - The Affordable Health Care Act is a plan I vociferously supported in talk to a real person — it's to give you time to calm the fuck down.

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Mar 5, - Much of that increase resulted from Obamacare's new regulations. Some regulations-such as essential health benefits and actuarial value. Apr 26, - Obamacare Lives to See Another Day, But the GOP Could Still Fuck with When it comes to protecting our health care, especially for women.

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Sep 23, - When they accused him of that, he should have said, 'Yeah, fuck yeah, Maher: Obamacare Was A Redistribution Of Income And Obama. Oct 13, - The middle class and some states will be hit especially hard, though Trump's to one of his fiercest attacks yet on his predecessor's health care law. .. fucking incompetent to repeal and replace Obamacare so they are just.

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Jun 8, - “Democrats destroyed the health care system as we knew when they the Affordable Care Act, a centerpiece of President Barack Obama's legacy, since . of same-sex unions that were lawful at the state level, and which the. Jun 15, - Ezra Klein at Vox: The details of the Senate GOP's Obamacare replacement Single Payer is the compromise, a public health care system.

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Dec 21, - Made call to health insurance broker that was non obamacare. The exchange plan is fucking garbage ($ deductible), but this is actually. Jun 22, - Unless you've lived without health insurance, you have no idea how scary it is off of Medicaid when I turned 20 years old, and I was fucking terrified. When the Obamacare bill passed in , Vice President Joe Biden.

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Oct 7, - "A big fucking deal," as Joe Biden famously summarized it. Three weeks after that signing ceremony, veteran health care journalist. Not only is Obamacare not a law, it's also not even a health insurance plan — and And for fuck's sake, stop hating on Obamacare while showing the love to the.