Cops strip searching woman

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Mar 12, - by Matt Clarke. On August 4, , prosecutors dropped criminal charges against two Harris County sheriff's deputies who publicly performed a.

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Feb 9, - This is a video I found while surfing my newsfeed today on Facebook of two unnamed women being strip searched in public at a Walmart by. POINTBLANK SHOOTOUT BETWEEN COPS AND LAWLESS TEENS! Near-Fatal Shooting Caught On.

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Thank you for watching! Find all the stories here: Break off a nug of cannabis news: http. Aug 16, - The attorney for a black woman subjected to an invasive and lengthy roadside strip search by Texas police has released a dashcam video of.

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Aug 16, - A Texas woman is suing police after she was subjected to a roadside strip-search for marijuana following a traffic stop. Attorney Samuel. Oct 23, - A woman subjected to a "degrading" strip search by police in London is challenging a decision not to punish the officer who authorised it.

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Cops strip searching woman

Nov 3, - A woman who was strip-searched by male police officers receives an apology from the Met Police. A DUI arrest turned into a disturbing strip search when four officers, three of whom were male, pinned an Illinois woman face down on the floor of a cell and.

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Aug 31, - In a bizarre-sounding story, a police sergeant in London was cleared of misconduct this week for ordering his officers to strip search a. A Chicago-area woman arrested in May for drunk driving is now suing county police for what she says was an.