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For The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The Stylus sucks".

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i hated the online. mainly cuz i sucked at it:P. but the game itself wasnt . Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda, but Phantom Hourglass is a. Personally it was my first Legend of Zelda game at age 17 so I'm biased towards Phantom Hourglass fails to start up?: 3DS.

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Aug 21, - Phantom Hourglass The WORST Zelda . particularly adept. But damn, repeating the same dungeon over and over, and on a timer, sucked. I am going to explain in detail why I think PH sucks. The controls: The stylus is VERY uncooperative, it hardly ever does what you tell it to do, Only me that's loves and has so much nostalgia for spirt.

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Jul 25, - I didn't mind Phantom Hourglass, but I couldn't stand Spirit Tracks. .. were such a chore that it just sucked any fun i could of had out of outbackjack.infol issues with Phantom Hourglass on 3DS. Mar 22, - The first thing you'll notice about Phantom Hourglass (outside of the fact which sucks ass when you're playing a long(ish) adventure game.

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Jul 10, - Phantom Hourglass Why Does No One Ever Talk About Phantom and that sucked because New Hyrule was a completely new place.:I. Dec 6, - Phantom Hourglass is really ticking me off. The warp function SUCKS - you have to draw symbols to warp to different parts of the ocean, and.

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Oct 3, - Phantom Hourglass gets a lot of shit, and for good reason. dungeon sucked, boring as fuck yeah pretty much the worst game i've played. loz: spirit tracks everyone hates it and I know it's bad for a loz game but it was my childhood and is still fun.

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The fourteenth game in The Legend of Zelda series, Phantom Hourglass is a sequel It's up to Link to find Tetra and slay Bellum before he sucks the last of the. Sadly, a curse was laid on the place that sucks the souls from all who enter. After the Temple of Fire is complete, Link obtains the Phantom Hourglass on the.

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Okay, the Temple of the Ocean King is indeed a tough one, because the temple sucks the life out of you as soon as you enter it. Also, the traps reset once you. Nov 18, - Zelda phantom hourglass ship parts - posted in 3DS/DS/GBA: I have received many many ship parts, but my luck on random parts sucks.